Social networks number of users is no longer

  • He internet population that uses social networks in Brazil is huge and it is there that they follow their favorite brands.” Companies' interest in social networks must go beyond the number of users and focus on the connection between them. This statement was made by Peter Coffe, vice president and responsible for Platform Research at Salesforce during an event for companies in the country held this Thursday (19/04), in São Paulo, capital. “The map of your market, when Brazilian brands become international, is drawn on the Facebook connection map. All of them can be global”, he explained, citing the great penetration of Mark Zuckerberg's website among.

    Brazilians and the world's population Currently, the potential customer no longer creates the prospectus with the company's marketing, but with their contacts on social networks. “You no longer control this conversation,” Coffe categorically asserted. “It's all on the social Austria Phone Number List network, but if you're not there, your company is not successful. If consumers talk to consumers, you have to talk too.” According to SocialBakers, in Brazil – currently, the number of Facebook users is close to 45 million, with a penetration of just over 22% in the population – which leaves the country in third place in the world ranking of nations on the social network.

    Globally the site is expected to hit one billion users by August this year, according to forecasts from marketing firm iCrossing. This model has become a new way of serving customers and, therefore, Brazilian companies must be integrated into the concept. The statement was made by Enrique Perezyera, president for Latin America at Salesforce. According to the executive, contrary to the impression that Tupiniquin companies have that this is a phenomenon restricted to countries like England, the United States, Canada and Germany, the need to extend to consumers in the country. , he explained. “The internet population that uses social networks in Brazil.

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