Google Tag Manager Everything You Need to Know About This Tool

  • For any digital entrepreneur willing to invest in their e-commerce , analyzing data is the first step to target resources, ads and improve user navigability. One of the best-known free tools on the market is Google Analytics, which, when used alone, has several limitations. One way to improve information monitoring is by using Google Tag Manager , a Google tool that helps marketing teams track metrics and track Analytics data when inserting tags on websites. By having a series of built-in functions, such as monitoring metrics and tracking Google Analytics results , GTM has become a great ally of any marketing team. Basically GTM when installed on a website works as a tag manager.

    Centralizing all code management in GTM, the site's performance will also improve. Despite being on the air since 2012, only in recent years has it really become essential, especially for e-commerces , where visits and conversions are extremely important factors for business growth. But then, how to adopt it? What are its Kuwait Phone Number List differentials and how does it work in practice? If you want to know the answer to these and other questions, read on and learn all about it! Understand what Google Tag Manager is and its benefits Before starting to explain what the GTM tool itself is, it is important to understand what tags are and how they work. Tags are codes (scripts) that, when added to websites, help monitor the behavior of page visitors.


    There are also other features of the tags, such as remarketing , surveys, generation of heat maps, monitoring forms, etc. Google Tag Manager is a tool that manages the tags of a website. Through GTM, the inclusion, use and removal of these tags becomes much easier, safer and more accessible. Long before this feature was created, any code that needed to be inserted into a website, whether simple or more complicated, was included directly in the website's source code. As such, an IT professional was typically assigned to tinker with the code. Therefore, one of the differentials of the GTM is that this assistance is no longer necessary. In addition to not needing to enter multiple tagging codes, anyone responsible for the page can insert.

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