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  • Tropocollagen Guna - opinions among doctors explain exactly how collagen works in dentistry. This protein is used to regenerate and rebuild tissues in periodontal diseases soft tissues or wounds after surgical procedures. It can also be used to restore the proper tone of the masticatory muscles as well as to relieve pain after treatments. Collagen injections relieve myofascial pain in the head and neck. As well as pain in the temporomandibular joints of overload degenerative and rheumatoid origin.

    It is an extremely safe and effective method of treating various problems in the field of dentistry. Collagen in pain medicine The Italian pharmaceutical company boasts a wide range Germany Phone Number List of innovative Collagen Medical Device preparations. Among them is the already mentioned product Tropocollagen Guna - opinions about it are very positive. They are reflected in the frequency of use of the preparations by doctors in over countries around the world.


    This is also confirmed by numerous studies and many years of experience. Thanks to extensive research tropocollagen has also been used in pain medicine. It turned out to be extremely effective in the fight against pain in the spine shoulder elbows knees and muscles and joints of many other parts of the body. in the treatment of pain of various origins including those caused by degenerative diseases injuries overloads repairing damaged collagen fibers and improving their strength and stretching.

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