How To Make Your Facebook Post More Attractive

  • Does your company have a facebook page , but fans don't usually comment or interact with publications? Hardly anyone clicks on the links you share? Do you believe that the content is not relevant to your target audience? Stay calm, to attract fans it is essential to have relevant and attractive content. Index we've separated some tips for you to apply to your post on facebook visual identity link on wall images shorten links curious subjects know your audience information tab call to action buttons update interaction we've separated some tips for you to apply to your post on facebook visual identity investing in a good profile and cover photo is key to making your page look good.

    Profile pictures with a lot of writing end up confusing your audience. A good option is to put your company logo as your profile picture. As for the cover photo, avoid a lot of information such as: values, telephones and address. Link on wall many Betting email list people don't know, but it's possible to delete the link and continue with his information. This happens because facebook pulls the information from the link, displaying the content prominently, with title, image and description. Once the link has been embedded, you can delete it, leaving the post looking clean. Images facebook posts with photos rank higher in your audience's newsfeed than posts without images.

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    If you don't have a designer to do this work for you, take an image to illustrate your post on facebook, but give the necessary credits to the image. Shorten links many times you will need to take the consumer to your website, news or promotion. Therefore, it is essential that you shorten your link so that the post on facebook does not become polluted. Curious subjects think of topics that arouse your fans. For this to happen, it is essential to understand your audience. Know your audience facebook provides several reports that will help you better understand your audience. There, you'll find out if more men or women are interested in your post, what time of day the page has the most audience and what content your fans identify with the most.

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