13 tips for creating responsive email marketing

  • One of the decisive factors to generate sales with email marketing sends is to ensure that. The content created is responsive. This kind of care, which also applies to websites or other types of pages, ensures that users view the content created properly. Want to better understand what responsive email marketing is and how you can create pieces of this type? So follow along! responsive email marketingWhat is responsive design email marketing To understand what it is and how to create an email marketing following the rules of responsiveness, let's go back a step and talk about responsive design . When we think of a website, for example, responsive design means that pages are displayed in the right way for users , regardless of the device used.

    In email marketing, the logic for content to be considered responsive is the same. Responsive email marketing is one that users can view on any device without reading difficulties or images displayed differently from what was planned at the time of creating the send. In other words, you create a message that will adapt to the device used by the contacts . If a user Saudi Arabia Phone Number who accesses emails from his cell phone, clicks on a certain message and finds it difficult to visualize it and understand the information presented, you run the risk of losing his interest. responsive email marketing Creating your responsive email marketing: practical tips! Now that you understand what a responsive email is, it's time to learn how to create the best messages to positively impact every person who follows your brand.

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    Keep all content within 600 pixels wide If your message has a width greater than. That of the recipient's screen, he will certainly need to use the horizontal scroll bar to view the content in full, upon receiving your message. Therefore, keep the maximum width of 600 pixels in your email marketing template, and with the internal content adaptable to the width of the device used, making your content readable also on mobile or smaller screens. Learn all the steps on how to layout email marketing 2.

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