Promotion of an Online Hookah Store

  • Store promotion is a set of actions aimed at promoting a store on the network, bypassing the ban on this type of service. that is why the promotion of a hookah store is the most common question. Hookah theme after falling under the law on the prohibition of advertising imposed a particular difficulty in promotion. Therefore, the promotion of this product is possible only by gray methods or by various methods that bypass this type of advertising. Also banned were: Holding contests, in which it will be a condition for taking part, is the purchase of tobacco. Holding cultural, sports and other public events even with an indirect call to use tobacco. Compromising pictures and images that must be observed with the 18+ restriction.

    Read an interesting article: Promotion and search engine optimization of images (images and photos) for Google and Yandex How to quickly make an image unique to Google - 2 simple tips for unique images The most popular ways in which promotion is possible One option is to advertise hookah executive list charcoal as it is not considered a smoking product. But in this case, it is impossible to indicate that this is for a hookah. As a result, with the help of dual-use goods, you will be able to discreetly inform customers about the sale of tobacco. Among the methods of distribution known to us, this is not only website advertising , but also through social networks and other options that you can learn about today.


    Advertising should not be the hookah itself, but the site in banner advertising. In this case, you should take into account and consult with a specialist who will tell you how to properly promote a hookah site. Social network Instagram. The presence of a different age category of visitors on it allows you to use it as a promotion. On such sites, visitors watch short videos (stories). This will allow you to post different profile entries. Here you can conduct contests and polls, following the rules of the network for posting posts. Promotion on Instagram is one of the options that will expand your horizons. You can promote mass following in 2 ways, as well as buying advertising posts from other bloggers. Read an interesting article: Instagram ads - how to run ads on instagram for free.

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