Dollar opened this Tuesday quoted at R$ 5.4366; the Euro, at BRL

  • The commercial dollar closed on Monday (26) with a variation of -0.7%, at R$ 5.4367, after starting the day quoted at R$ 5.4757. The Euro closed the trading session at R$6.5672, and changed by -0.8% after starting the day at R$6.6195. The American currency started this Tuesday (27) quoted at R$ 5.4366 and the Euro opened the day quoted at R$ 6.5672. Giro de Notícias #15: Focus Report special today's agenda Abroad, the main indicator will come from the United States. The Federal Housing Finance Agency will release US housing price changes for the month of February.

    In addition to the indicator, today is the first of two days of FOMC meeting for the US monetary policy fax number list decision. In Brazil, the IBGE will release the IPCA 15 for the month of April and the FGV will release the INCC-M and the Construction Survey, both also for the current month.

    Outlook for the day real x dollar Despite starting the day with no defined direction, the dollar quotation should remain stable awaiting the statement from the American Central Bank after the monetary policy decision in the United States. The approaching discussion of tax reform in Brazil also encourages investors here. Real x Euro Without relevant indicators for this Tuesday in the Euro Zone, the euro should follow the path of the dollar against the Brazilian currency. The daily trend is one of stability.

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