Reviews and testimonials are important for your ecommerce marketing

  • A projection made by the Brazilian Electronic Commerce Association (ABComm) in early December pointed to revenues of R$81.3 billion in 2019 , 18% more than in 2018. Of the 87,000 virtual stores in the country, the revenue of small and medium-sized companies was 29% of the total, according to the entity. A study carried out by DHL, e-commerce should grow around 22% in 2020 in Latin America, mainly due to the two largest markets: Brazil and Mexico. Data like these, associated with the reduction of the Selic rate to 4.25% per year and the GDP growth forecast for 2.20% reinforces the importance of companies investing more and more in electronic commerce.

    A successful sales site requires attention to a whole range of details and, of course, digital marketing planning , which should include strategies on social networks, search engines, price comparison sites and discount coupons, among others. The work of a marketing team special data defines structural issues such as the company's positioning, target audience and segmentation, as well as indispensable details such as website design. But this effort must be complemented by customer reviews and testimonials on the site. Understand better what these reviews are about and how they can help Review is an English term that means evaluation.

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    On an ecommerce platform reviews are feedback, usually on a 5-star scale and a text testimonial, made by customers based on their experience with the brand. The Northwestern University of the United States carried out market research that proves its importance. Their results showed that more than 95% of shoppers rely on online reviews before making a purchase. Additionally, products with 5 or more reviews are 270% more likely to purchase than products with zero reviews. These numbers attest to how essential it is not only to provide a space for reviews and testimonials, but also to create specific actions for customers to do so. Reviews increase brand credibility and trust Customer reviews and testimonials are useful to increase brand reputation, find new customers and move business more easily.

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