Ecommerce for the Niche in Brazil

  • You've probably heard of niche e-commerce right? He refers to virtual stores that focus their communication and products on specific segments of the public, something that, before the internet, seemed almost impossible. Among the main advantages of this type of business are the little or even lack of competition, as well as greater ease of public loyalty. Well, what if I told you that one of the fastest growing niche ecommerces in the world today is precisely the one aimed at the LGBTQIA+ audience? While several brands around the world are already exploring this potential consumer, here in Brazil this segment is still growing timidly, often due to lack of knowledge about the lifestyle of this public or even due to prejudice.

    Fortunately some more attentive brands have already realized the great purchasing potential of these people and have started to create everything from marketing campaigns to complete lines of products and entire businesses aimed at this audience. The so-called “ Pink Money ”, a term referring to the money moved by LGBTQIA+ people, moves more than 3 trillion dollars every year. And Brazil is precisely the second largest LGBTQIA+ market in the email database world, second only to the United States. LGBTQIA+ people move up to 10% of the entire Brazilian Gross Domestic Product (GDP). There are almost 5.6 billion reais monthly injected by these people every month into the country's economy, and this goes far beyond just the fashion and style segments.

    Published in 2017 the Brazil LGBT 2030 report brings very promising data about this segment of the public: 6.9 billion reais are spent on cell phones, internet and bills payable by the Brazilian LGBTQIA+ population per year; On average, an LGBTQIA+ person spends around BRL 448 per year on books; The world record for an Parade is in São Paulo, with more than 3 million people population spends, per year, 3.5 billion reais on tickets to concerts, cinemas, and theater; The Brazilian LGBTQIA+ adult population produces a total annual income of 141 billion dollars; About 16.75 billion reais are spent on clothing and footwear by the Brazilian LGBTQIA+ population per year; The Ministry of Tourism estimates that this market moves around 100 billion dollars a year; Same-sex couples have twice as much income as heterosexual couples and spend 30% more.

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