Brand & Strategy Two Sides of the Same Coin

  • Strategy is about setting yourself apart from the competition. It's not about being better at what you do – it's about being different at what you do. Michael porter the father of modern strategy proved something very fundamental when he equated strategy with the competition. Frames of reference, such as competition and customers, provide the guiding component of the strategy. They also force businesses to think in terms of differentiation, in product, approach and brand. But downgrading one's brand as a means of differentiation does not justify it at all. A brand is much more than that. It is the vehicle that drives the strategy forward.First, it is important to define “brand” in simple terms. It's not a logo or a visual design or a slogan.

    If your resume is your list of products (or services), then your brand is how your best friend feels about you and how they would describe you. So carrying the same analogy Singapore Phone Number List into real life, if your best friend knows you're a social extrovert who thrives on change and human relationships, your life strategy should align with that. You would be perfect for a sales job, but if you were to pursue a career as an office accountant, things might not work out. Your friends and significant life partners would also have similar characteristics to you because your identity and what you would project outwards would attract people with certain qualities that align. Your strategy should align with your brand and vice versa.

    While self-transformation is possible (if you want to change your brand), it's more relevant (and easier) in the case of businesses. The new identity is modern and fresh like a sea breeze on a hot summer day. But during the brand transformation process it is important to draw lines around the aspects of our core that we would like to keep, discard or modify. This is a complex, special process that requires incredible dialogue and negotiation with various experts. For example, if the core of your philosophy is based on social solidarity, this should remain unchanged and reinforce this message even more through the regeneration and reshaping of your brand.

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