Give Instructions Through The System Interface

  • The system reminds them. The implementation ofis suitable for assigning tasks to employees. For example, an architect. As soon as he finishes the sketch, there will be a documentation task for the architectural solutions section. When the architect completes it,will throw the task of calculating the foundation. The employee will not forget anything. For transparent work of employees Managers plan one time frame, builders meet others. When you ask why suppliers do not bring materials for so long or builders do not move to a new stage of work, you get excuses.

    For a construction company is useful in that it helps to see overdue tasks and notice in time that work has stalled somewhere. For example, to see that an employee has not ordered Whatsapp mobile number list material for two days. Understand the causes and solve the problem. The employee is busyyou can transfer the task to another employee who has less workload. In Oko, this can be done from the phone. There is an application in which it is convenient to keep track of tasks and deadlines. The boss can control the workers from the office, and the foreman can enter information into thesystem when he works at the facility helps to control work and respond to problems at the moment.


    The boss will see the work of employees who is loaded with a dozen tasks, and who can throw a couple. So that the construction time is not delayed, he can maneuver. To automate routine processes The accountant needs to constantly remind people about payments, he writes letters and sends them out days before the due date. I remind you that you need to send letters to customers for payments. That is letters. And then also remind if customers forgot about the payment. This work will be simplified by the automation of the construction business.

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