What Should One Look Forward To When Entering The Job Market

  • Very different from the current situation. At that time, the educational system adopted the most deeply rooted and characteristic aspects and values ​​of industrial organization , such as planning, hierarchy, control and standardization. A clear example can be found in the need to validate the parts that were built in the factories, while in the field of education this verification began to be done through exams. In this way, students memorized as much content as possible to later exploit it during their professional stage. Continuing the analogy, when crafting parts you need to make sure that they are interchangeable.

    The same part that works in one engine must fit in another for it to work just as well. This idea can be seen reflected today: we special data standardize education and, with it, students, who are preparing to be interchangeable pieces and fit into the system . But we are constantly evolving. There are schools in which new, more personalized systems are applied, based on the diversity of each individual and learning through it . Change may seem slow, but it is persevering. We can see this evolution of the educational model in La education prohibit (2012), an independent documentary film that shows unconventional educational experiences and delves into educational practices inside and outside the school contexts.

    We live in a society in which everything is increasingly ephemeral. Change is the main character. That is why it is necessary for the educational system to renew and adapt . The new generations evolve and cannot be educated with the same system that was used until now. We cannot pretend to communicate in the same way with the baby boom generation, born at a time of increased quality of life, as with the new generations that take refuge in TikTok. We must bear in mind the social context in order to establish good communication during the learning process, and for this we cannot forget a key aspect, two- way communication.

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