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  • it has been almost by chance and, therefore, the transition has been very natural, almost because life has wanted it that way. All the content that you are creating, both in podcasts and in videopodcasts, are about criminology, true crimewhere does this curiosity about criminology come from, I think it comes from when I was little, in my house, I am from the time when there were two television networks and dad was the one who chose what we saw on TV and we watched a lot of film noir. So I loved intriguing stories, riddle stories and investigative stories.

    I think it comes from there and I have never felt fear, but rather a lot of curiosity about the dark side of the human being. Because besides, I have never rejected it. I have Country Email List always thought that it was necessary to explore it to know all the facets of who we are. As I told you at the beginning, the first thing you did was radio, then a podcast and now also a videopodcast. Having participated in all three formats, actively. What future do you foresee for the latter in which, in addition to audio, you can also enjoy watching it, Hmm, look at the end. I think the history of the media is a bit cyclical, right, I have the feeling that what were doing is liberating the support or liberating the medium, but were doing a bit of television as well. Why, Well, because history repeats itself, as we have seen with the podcast, we released the medium, everyone started doing podcasts. Who hold, Those who knew how to make quality podcasts.


    When you say this, you become a bit unpopular. There are people who dont understand it. Im not saying you have to be professional. Im saying you have to know what youre doing. Even if it is from intuition and betting on quality, which is another way of calling for respect for whoever is going to listen to you. Well, you have to do the same with the videopodcast. It is true that this is already much more advanced than when I, for example, started with the video podcast because on YouTube they have been doing it for many years, many people who do it very well.

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