What you should know about storytelling

  • The problems of your day to day. An email marketing campaign optimized for your target, well planned and sent at the right time can leave a positive impact on your customers that lasts and allows you to stand out among multiple companies with obsolete or invasive advertising strategies. Why include email marketing in your company's digital strategy ? Today the digital environment registers high conversion rates for companies that use the most appropriate techniques for their sector, the appropriate processes and the correct strategy to reach their target.

    Email is one of the most convenient channels to reach your prospects, who have opened this means of communication by providing you with their information because they trust you. For this reason, it is essential to retain your customers email database using email marketing as a resource to reach them and offer them even more than they expected. In addition to attracting new users, you must leave the best impression on those who have already purchased your product and can become ambassadors of your brand through various means, which is quite productive since if they share their good experience with your services, you will They will help attract new users. The process of developing email marketing campaigns for companies is really not that simple despite being a common online strategy among SMEs, the truth is that many of them leave this job in the hands of expert professionals or a leading marketing agency.

    Each campaign requires extensive analysis before being launched, so you must ensure that you are correctly channeling the information you have from your prospects before developing your action plan. Some of the factors you should consider before sending your email marketing campaign : email marketing for companies Create the campaign strategy based on the profile and particular interests of your customers. Personalize the emails with the names of your customers to encourage a feeling of closeness.

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