Google Business Profile Tips that will improve your ranking

  • Google Business Profile is an essential tool for every professional . With that in mind, let's start by answering some questions that will make it clear why you and your business need it.Google Business Profile (aka Google My Business ) is a free listing provided by Google that allows you to enter information about your business .By creating this profile, you greatly increase the chances of a prospective customer "discovering" you, but also make it easier for an existing customer to find more details about your services/products.

    Considering that Google's search engine is the market leader and also holds a 92% share of user searches, it's obvious that creating a Google Business Profile Sweden Phone Number List is a great idea. How do I create a Google Business Profile?The first move you should make is to visit the Google platform and create your Profile, and then you will need to verify it. If you're lucky this will be via a phone call.If not, then you will need to wait 14 days and the verification will be done through a card that you will receive by mail from Google at the address that you have declared that your business is based. Note that we have recently noticed that in some cases the verification can be done via video call.

    If you have already created a Google Business Profile in the past, then you will have followed the verification process and your business profile will be visible in Google search and maps.What should I watch out for?For each of the above cases you should ensure the following:Have all the necessary details of the business correctly filled in, such as: contact details, professional category, services, products, opening hours and the link to your site.A business description text is considered a very important addition because it enables the user to get all the necessary information within a few lines. After all, we know that Google loves text.

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