Out A Correct Lead Qualification

  • To do this I recommend that you use the Lead Scoring technique to qualify the leads. For this we must have as much information as possible. The lead scoring technique is based on differentiating three types of leads IQL Information Qualified Lead It is a lead that we do not have much information about and is in the first part of the conversion funnel. This lead does not know us and does not know if they need our services. MQL Marketing Qualified Lead This lead is in the middle of the conversion funnel.

    We have more information about him be Gambling Email List cause he has shown interest in us he knows what his problem is he is looking for solutions and he is considering us as an option. SQL Sales Qualified Lead This lead is in the lowest part of the funnel and is very close to the purchase. This lead is important and our sales team must focus efforts on it in order to convert it into a customer. lead scoring In conclusion it is very important to have a fully refined digital database in which the contacts are segmented in order to differentiate the quality contacts that are close to the sale.


    At this time you already know how to identify quality leads from your database Inbound Marketing will help you define them. You only have to start it up to have updated and projectable databases to achieve future sales. If you are interested in knowing how Connext could help your company to detect sales opportunities and define quality leads do not hesitate to contact us through the form that you will find below or through the following link What economic benefits does marketing bring to your company comments More and more companies are understanding the importance of having a marketing strategy as a vehicle to approach their potential customer and do it quickly and efficiently.

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