The form of information or false news

  • Stay on top of the most used scams and be the next Mass cyber scams using PANDEMIC as pretext With the intensification of concerns about any cybercriminals have taken advantage of the fear and desperation of the general population to apply digital scams, using the most diverse baits to attract victims. In this article, we are going to expose and analyze some of the most frequent scams, teaching you how to stay safe in the face of these scams. CAMPAIGNS One of the most common scams, among those observed in recent weeks is the creation of online campaigns to collect money on behalf of the government.

    Most of these fake campaigns came about in a crowdfunding format, using online donation platforms. When faced [url=]executive list[/url] with a campaign of this type, look for an official government source or any other institution that would be “benefiting”. Generally, public and state institutions do not promote any type of financial collection online. Stay tuned! WHATSAPP SCAMS The vast majority of coronavirus scams are circulating through WhatsApp. As has happened in recent times, this instant messaging application is the fastest and most efficient way to disseminate any type of information and news, even more efficient than official press channels. From text chains to expert audios criminals are taking advantage of all the tools offered by WhatsApp to gain some advantage.


    Check out some types of scams and what dangers they offer home testing service An official note from the Government of the State of São Paulo explains “images shared by messaging apps erroneously disclose information that municipal and state services test for Covid-19 at home. The numbers refer to Surveillance services in Salvador (BA), which explained in a note that the information is false”. In addition, in other cases, the person contacted should provide contact and address information. It is never possible to know, for sure, what the real intentions of collecting this type of personal information from someone are however the possibilities range from planning theft to use in virtual fraud.

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