What is Black Friday? History and Definition of Black Friday

  • According to Wikipedia, Black Friday Falls on the First Friday After Thanksgiving . And at the Same Time, It Also Marks the Start of the Christmas Holiday Season. Usually, Black Friday Starts at the End of November Every Year. If All This Time It is Known as a Celebration That Seems to Invite People to Shop, Why is It Called Black Friday? If the Holiday and Shopping Season is Behind What Black Friday is, is There Any History Behind It? There is a Well-known Theory, Which Says That This Phrase Was First Used by Police Officers in the City of Philadelphia, United States, in the 1950s. At That Time, There Were Traffic Jams All Over the City Due to the Large Number of People Shopping. Employees Also Have to Work Overtime Every Weekend. So, They Call This Friday Black Friday Because It is Considered a " Grief " That is Felt Because They Have to Work Overtime Every Weekend. Also Read: Digital Marketing Strategies for Beginners There is Also Another Opinion That Says That the Word Black on Black Friday Symbolizes a Positive Company Financial Report . However, if the Result is Negative, the Financial Statements Will Be Marked in Red. And as the Name Suggests, Black Friday is Always Celebrated Every Friday. Since the Pandemic Has Disrupted the World, Including the Business Sector, Events Like Black Friday Have Become an Oasis.

    On Black Friday Promo Days , Sellers Have Been Able to Reap Huge Profits Since the Pandemic Hit. Black Friday Also Received Quite a Lively Reception in Indonesia. Very Excited Saudi Arabia Phone Number List Marketplace Platforms and Online Store Websites Are Competing to Provide Massive Discounts and Promos to Attract Buyers. Also Read: Choosing Hosting to Maximize Online Store Websites Usually, Online Stores in Indonesia Also Celebrate This Moment by Giving Discounts on Selected Products Every Hour. With This, Customers Will Be Very Happy Because They Can Get the Desired Product at a Much Cheaper Price Than the Normal Price. Including Idwebhost , Which Has Various Attractive Promos Every Month for Those of You Who Want to Have a Safe, Fast and Reliable Website. Shopping Tips on Black Friday What is Black Friday What is Black Friday? Being a Big Shopping Event, to Experience Getting Cheap Prices on Black Friday, Preparations Certainly Shouldn't Be Careless. Here Are Shopping Tips on Black Friday: 1. Make a Shopping List at Moments Like Black Friday, Usually the Offers Given to Sellers Look Very Tempting. So, in Order to Avoid Impulse Shopping, It is Very Important to Make a Shopping List That You Want to Buy . Apart From Being Able to Save Time, This Method Can Keep Your Pockets From Getting Holes Because of the Temptation of Big Promos Everywhere.

    Check Prices Discounts Are a Very Classic Marketing Technique but Still Very Powerful. Many Sellers Increase Their Prices First Before Giving Out Crazy "Discounts". Therefore, You Have to Be Careful and Compare Prices a Lot in Each Store. Make Sure You Get a "Real Discount" Price, Not Just a Marketing Trick. 3. Calm Down One That is Often Encountered During the Black Friday Event is Mass Panic When Shopping . Yes, That Makes Sense. Because on Black Friday, Time and Product Stock Restrictions Apply by Sellers. So People Don't Want to Run Out of Coveted Items. Try Not to Panic When Hunting for Bargains on Black Friday. Because Not Infrequently, After This Event is Over, There Are Items That Are Sold at Additional Discounted Prices. 4. Make Sure the Internet is Stable Like a Weapon Used for War, a Stable Internet Network is a “ Koentji ” That Must Be Prepared to Fight for Coveted Goods at Moments Like Black Friday. Don't Let Your Internet Network Slow Down When a New Event Starts. Well, One Trick is to Use a Provider With the Strongest Signal Around Where You Live. Black Friday Preparations for Sellers What is Black Friday Black Friday Apart From Being Eagerly Awaited by Buyers, Black Friday is Also Highly Awaited by Sellers . Because at This Moment, the Seller Can Increase Sales Significantly.

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