Global Exposure With Google Market Finder

  • Offer your business services to new customers around the world. Google has announced the availability of Market Finder in Greece – a tool that helps small and medium businesses to identify new customers, implement successful growth plans, and increase their sales abroad. Global e-commerce offers many opportunities to small and medium-sized businesses, but according to OECD data, only 10% of Greek small and medium-sized businesses operate outside of Greece. A really small percentage, especially if compared to the EU average.

    According to the same organization, two of the reasons that are obstacles to the activity of small and medium enterprises outside Greece are 1) the lack of digital skills and 2) the difficulty of South Korea Phone Number List managing technological tools. Maria Fouda, Marketing Director of Google for Greece, Ukraine, and Romania, said: "We are happy that today we are taking a step to help Greek small and medium enterprises to grow internationally, through the Market Finder tool. This tool offers free guides, videos, and information, making it as easy as possible for businesses to take their first steps in international markets and exports.

    In what ways are your potential customers using the internet? What is their disposable income? We recommend the best market for your business and give you all the insights you need to research your next global market. Step 2Once you've decided what your next market will be, we use our tools, guides, and resources to plan the next steps of your journey into that new market. We'll help you navigate areas such as localization, international payments, and supply chain. Step All businesses operating in the global market need a comprehensive marketing plan.

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