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  • Below are a few of our partners who can help you get set up. Helps simplify and consolidate orders from multiple third-party delivery services in one place. Customers can try it for free for 1 day with no setup fee. Get started with the integration. Now part of , helps you get menus online to easily take food orders from search results and your website. Get started with the integration. Learn more about how restaurants are adapting to delivery. To learn more about additional resources and updates for our products from , please refer to our Resource Center, which is updated frequently. How Some Businesses Are Adjusting.

    Their Product Offerings Articles Instant Industry email ist Support Customers By Kaitlyn Kiefer Right now, the world is trying to adapt and adjust to the new normal. The same applies to businesses and how customers shop and interact with them. Business owners are savvy and quickly adapt to the contactless way of doing business. During this time, some companies have even adjusted their products to better serve customers. Here are a few examples of how businesses are adapting their product offerings to continue serving and supporting their customers. Gift Cards Even though some businesses may have no choice but to temporarily close their doors, they are still finding ways to continue generating revenue and bring customers back inside their doors when operations resume.

    Portland's started selling gift cards online, and customers jumped at the opportunity to support their local business. To find businesses in your area that sell gift cards, use the gift card directory at . Takeout and delivery only One of the more welcome changes you've probably seen is one you've probably been part of for a while. Many restaurants, especially fast food restaurants, only offer takeout and delivery. apps a lot, but as more businesses start using delivery services like , , and , you might notice more options.

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