Advantages of WebRTC technology over SIP

  • VoIP technology has meant a real change in the communication systems of companies. Thanks to the use of Internet networks, VoIP converts voice into data packets, providing more effective telephony, with higher quality and infinite functionalities. However, a number of variants have been developed. It is normal to find strange acronyms when we are looking for VoIP providers, such as WebRTC technology or SIP technology. What do they mean? In addition, today we are going to talk about the advantages of WebRTC technology compared to SIP.

    The truth is that there are quite a few similarities between the two, since both are used to offer collaboration and communication in a simple and easy way thanks to the special data connection. However, they also have many differences. In fact, many think that WebRTC is simply a refinement of SIP, but it is not. These are different technologies.

    Some of the most frequent doubts that users have today when choosing a VoIP telephone system have to do with these two terms. That is why today we explain what they are and what they consist of. In this way you will be able to assess which is the most convenient for your company and avoid making a bad choice that you may later regret. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is a signaling protocol used to communicate the user with a server, facilitating communication with other SIP users. Its popularity has increased strongly in recent decades, to the point of being considered one of the greatest advances in communications.

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