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  • You’re going to have to switch to commission and here’s why.” He was the first person to tell us, “You’re going to need your own products. Barbershops are not just about cutting hair, look at the art of shaving. That is a product line masquerading as a shaving parlor.” ad I’m like, “Shit.” And it forced me to look at myself and the business we were building radically different. So rather than look at my neighborhood barbershop as the ideal, which it was fun to own a neighborhood barbershop, we made money every week. My wife had a cool little salary every month.

    It wasn’t worth the amount of Industry email ist stress exchange. When we started to operate as a retail shop functioning as a barbershop, everything changed. That’s when you start looking at thousands of dollars a week in retail. That’s when you start to say, “Well, this is our percentage off commission. This is how if our barbers have a hundred customer client base, this is our expectations to make them per year and make for us. This gives us the ability to advertise, not only via Facebook, but billboards. That’s where things radically changed, when I started looking at our shop and my wife has a much better business brain than me.

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    She’s younger and from Savannah. Her grandma ran a liquor house, my grandma went to church. So she learned money a little earlier than me. She’s the one who really gets it and really got it. So for me, it was just a matter of having to focus my perspective and say, “Okay, I’m an artist. I’m going to focus on what the shops look like and the atmosphere and the vibe.” But from the money perspective, she got very serious about throwing events that make room for other.

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