The latest reports PS5 Discord voice chat could come on March 8

  • Discord voice integration on PlayStation 5 is something fans have been asking for quite some time. The feature is already present on Xbox Series X|S and has also arrived on the PS5. It essentially adds convenience as you don’t have to create PS Party to talk to friends on Discord and join directly on your console.

    The release date for the PS5 Discord voice chat is likely to come soon. According to the latest app developer’s data, the main files reference voice chat integration with PlayStation and this suggests that PS5 players are waiting to enjoy this feature from the moment they begin.

    This is evidenced by the +PS_LINK_SUCCESS_BODY string description, which reads: "Head over to a voice channel to try it out! Chat with Discord voice on your PS5. Show which games you're playing with rich presence, and more." In addition, these users can transfer a voice call to their PlayStation 5, routing audio input and output through the chosen console. Discord will also display the games that users play on the PlayStation 5.

    Neither Sony nor Discord confirmed when voice chat was added to PS5. The latest reports claim voice integration could come on March 8, 2023, the first time the version of Discord’s 7.40 is expected to be released.

    It's worth noting that this news should not be surprising, especially when considering that Discord partnered with PlayStation on 3 May 2021. Following this partnership, the company rolled out an update to allow users to link their PlayStation Network (PSN) account in January last year. That said, you'll need to connect your PSN and Discord accounts to use the Discord voice chat feature. is currently selling Cheap PSN Gift Cards and has already provided services to many PSN Gift Cards from around the world. Compared with other sellers on the Internet, as an experienced third-party game service provider, has many advantages that constitute the competitiveness of the website.

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