Understand what Outcome Measurement is and why it is important

  • Learn how to leverage Outcome Measurement and improve your digital performance. The scenario involving digital marketing strategies is related to tests that can be increasingly assertive based on the analysis of metrics and results. In this sense, it is important to understand how the actions developed and whether they were able to achieve attraction, conversion, engagement and sales objectives, for example. Checking the performance of strategies means assessing points needed for improvement and understanding how to optimize processes to achieve the desired goals.

    Do you want to know Phone Number Data more about Results Measurement analyses Read on! Where to start The first step in analyzing metrics is defining and understanding an objective. Having this, it is possible to understand points of the process that need to be optimized in order to achieve a certain purpose. It is important, at this point, to choose tools that will be responsible for presenting the data relevant to the analysis, such as Google Analytics. This is the most popular platform among metrics indicators, offered as a free service to be able to measure and monitor stock performance, understanding user behavior.


    What should be analysed There are two ways of analyzing results that are important in validating actions: according to the stage of the funnel and another according to the digital channel. The first, knowing that the strategies are developed based on the purchase stage the customer is in – top, middle or bottom of the funnel – it is possible to verify the performance of each action at a given moment. This means viewing visitation, conversion and sales metrics, for example, understanding strengths and others that need adjustment in the process.

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