How Much Does an Employee Cost the Company Learn to Calculate

  • Many people don't even imagine that even if the company pays for its employees to work, they still have costs beyond those involving salary. This is a drama that many commanders go through and are not even aware of most of the time, so it is worth informing yourself and understanding better about the theme. After all, do you know how much an employee really costs your company? See more below.

    How much does an employee cost the company? How much does an employee cost the company? As previously mentioned, in addition to the gross salary that is paid for it, there is also the application of food, transportation, uniform and, in Email Database cases, health insurance benefits. All this can increase gross salary by up to 183%, according to studies by the GetĂșlio Vargas Foundation together with the National Confederation of Industries. This study shows that the salary is only 32% of the employee's initial cost, where the rest is invested in FGTS, INSS and other labor charges. In this case, the study also varies according to the tax regime in which the company is included such as.

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    Why is it important to know the cost of an employee? The main point of knowing what the cost of an employee is for your company is to include all this in a financial plan . It's no use having all your conscience, being able to pay the employee according to what was agreed, but sticking your business inside a big snowball of debts. Therefore, it is always important that you know what you will actually be paid, including within your cost schedule all this amount related to the employee in question. How much does an employee cost for a company registered in Simples Nacional Here there is no application of charges related to the employer's INSS, work accident insurance or education, where what is effectively applied is Vacation fraction.

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