Augmented Reality What Is It and Where Do We Find This Technology

  • Augmented reality (AR) is already part of your life even if you don't realize it. After all, this technological advance changes the way the virtual world combines with the real one. Therefore, its interferences are not always clear. Still, knowing what augmented reality is is more than a trend. This is because AR offers a new dimension to our lives, changing the way tasks are performed and automating activities with the help of machines. Does everything seem too confusing? So, read this post, understand what this concept means and learn how technology is inserted in your life. summary What is augmented reality.

    How does augmented reality work Practical examples of augmented reality Clothing and footwear store Google: see in 3D Google Maps Froggipedia GeoGebra Augmented Reality SketchAR BBC Civilizations AR Measure Pokémon GO Ink Hunter Augmented reality surgeries Common questions What is augmented reality? The term augmented reality Phone Number refers to the interaction between virtual and physical environments through a camera. For this, a marker is used, such as a flat space, an image or some more complex elements. This ensures that the virtual object is inserted into the image. To better understand this concept, just know that it comes from a need related to labels.

    Barcodes did not carry all the information that was needed. Therefore, the QR code, a two-dimensional code, was created. It was precisely programmed to project virtual objects into the real world. At this point, it is important to differentiate between augmented and virtual reality. The first adds virtual items to an existing scenario. Therefore, it is accessible in several apps available on the cell phone. The second creates an entirely new environment. Therefore, it requires the use of specific glasses to view the context. That is, AR is much more present in our lives. How does augmented reality work? As we explained, AR adds virtual objects to a real scenario.

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