Find out what Sisu is how it works and the step by step process to enroll

  • Those who want to enter higher education at federal and state universities need to understand what Sisu is. It is important to know the prerequisites to participate, how to apply and other characteristics of the selection system. Many students focus only on the National High School Examination (Enem) to take an undergraduate course in public institutions, however, although it is important to be prepared for the test and stay tuned in the calendar, it is nice to know how Sisu works. To help you, we have prepared this article clarifying the main points of Sisu.

    How to know the result of Sisu How to increase the chances in Sisu? Besides Sisu, what are the other alternatives? Common questions What is Sisu? Sisu is the Unified Selection System of the Ministry of Education (MEC), created in 2010, which offers undergraduate vacancies in federal WhatsApp Number List state institutions twice a year. The idea, as the name implies, is to unify, in an automated system, vacancies at public universities. How does Sisu work? To participate in Sisu, the candidate does not need to pay anything and uses the Enem score from the previous year to compete for the desired vacancies, as long as he/she has not completed the essay.


    He chooses between two courses and places the first and second option according to preference. The system offers vacancies in broad competition and by quotas . In the second option, the student must have completed high school entirely in a public school, in addition to meeting other criteria, such as low income or being black, brown, indigenous or person with a disability. So, with your Enem score , you can apply for a vacancy in an undergraduate course at a certain public university, competing with other candidates who choose the same course, shift and form of competition. How does the Sisu cutoff score work? When talking about Sisu, a very common question is how the cutoff score works.

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