Marketplace integrator what is it and how to choose

  • Starting to sell on the internet is not such a simple task. especially when your company starts to scale the number of sales. Using a complete tool to manage your e-commerce is essential to have more time to take care of strategies that will make your business grow, this tool is a Marketplace Integrator . An Integrator works as a platform that integrates your business with marketplaces such as B2W, Mercado Livre, Magalu, Amazon and MadeiraMadeira. Through it, you can have a much better management of your operations, ranging from product registration to delivery to your customer. Therefore, for those who want to manage their operation better and achieve better results, continue reading this article, as we will clarify what it is and how to choose a Marketplaces Integration Hub.

    What will you find in this article. A Marketplace Integrator is a platform that allows integration with your accounts in different Phone Number List sales channels. Also known as an Integration Hub, it helps entrepreneurs automate their business management operations. Therefore, the promotion of its products is done directly through the Integrator, which has a system that connects to the main marketplaces in the market. That is, you won't need to enter every marketplace your company sells, this is done automatically, giving you more time for more strategic management. Marketplaces are the main gateway to sell online among many Brazilian entrepreneurs.


    For this being present on several sites is synonymous. with greater reach. Mercado Livre alone , for example, has more than 6,000 searches per second on its platform. An integrating platform offers several functionalities for your e-commerce. It works as a management center, where you concentrate everything in one place. It is possible to have all order information, stocks, deliveries and invoices from all your marketplaces, all integrated into a single platform and in an automated way. Another great feature is the management insights information, where you can follow your account movements in a single control panel.

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