How to promote your work as a private teacher

  • One of the biggest difficulties faced by private teachers is attracting new students. That's because, for you to be hired, you need to be sought after. But first, your audience – families of students with difficulties at school – needs to know who you are. How to do it? It's not about standing outside schools handing out leaflets, of course. Looking for teachers or directors is an option. But it will also do little good. So how does a private tutor find new students? And most importantly: how to stand out among so many people who provide the same service (some even linked to tutoring schools)? See some tips, and start having more students.

    Flyers in strategic locations Flyers serve this purpose. It's an old way, it eventually converts to pollution and garbage, but still, it's efficient, somehow. However, having the pamphlets is not Phone Number List enough. You need to leave them in strategic places. Leave it in the office of your old school, pin it to notice boards in libraries and academic centers, leave some in photocopy and school supply stores. With one difference... 2. Produce content for your story, online For you to stand out, you have to do something standout. And today, “something” means content with humor, wit and creativity, on social networks.


    Informing your account on networks, in your pamphlet, can be useful when it comes to highlighting your work from other teachers. Then, logically, start producing. Make interactive videos, posts, posts and publications, issue analysis videos… Enjoy! Pensar Cursos has more than 1600 free online courses. Click and Check! Furthermore… 3. Create a website, with the content you teach It can be a website on the medium platform, or even on WordPress. Producing your content will make you stand out. You don't need to produce innovative content. It is enough that they are well written, and that they solve problems related to college entrance exams and competitions efficiently.

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