Phygital what is it and how to offer this new retail experience

  • It is no longer news that the physical and online worlds are increasingly intertwined in our everyday tasks. It is in this scenario that the concept of phygital emerges , which has transformed the market and revolutionized the consumer experience . Contrary to the thought that digital technologies would replace face-to-face experiences, what we observe is an integration between the online and offline universes. Therefore, if you want to offer more convenience and quality to your customers, it is necessary, more than ever, to provide a unified experience to meet their needs. Do you want to follow the market movement and evolve your business? Then you've come to the right place.

    Continue reading and understand what phygital is and how to apply it in practice. What is Phygital. Phygital is nothing more than a combination of the words physical and digital . That is, as the name implies, the concept refers to the integration between the physical and online universes. The proposal is to deliver a unique Phone Number List and memorable experience for the consumer, promoting engagement with the public and offering them more convenience. In a scenario of digital transformation, it is no longer possible for a brand to survive without being present in the virtual environment. However, this does not mean that face-to-face experiences should be put aside. In this way, phygital emerges as a strategy to work the physical and digital worlds in a complementary way. Thus, it is possible to better meet the needs and preferences of customers.

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    What are the impacts of phygital on the customer experience. It is undeniable that today's consumer is increasingly demanding and well-informed, moving between multiple channels throughout their purchase journey . To serve this new customer profile, it is necessary to offer an impeccable experience so that he finds the ideal solution for his pain and decides to acquire it. This involves ensuring consistency and fluidity between the company's different channels , removing as much friction as possible from the purchasing process. Remembering that if you don't provide this, the consumer can easily migrate to a competitor that does. Therefore, the concept of phygital is closely linked to that of omnichannel.

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