Good valuation of online stores by Spaniards and other ecommerce news

  • According to a study carried out by Trusted Shops at a European level to see what the level of buyer satisfaction was, we have realized that Spanish users are very satisfied with this option. In fact, they are among the most satisfied customers, below the Poles and the Germans, and equal in satisfaction with the United Kingdom. The Spanish rate online stores with 4.5 points out of 5, a score high enough to show great satisfaction with e-commerce in general and Spanish in particular. To display this data, aspects such as the product to be sold.

    Of the opinions only are enough are excellent and are good. Above all, the delivery service drops points, because it reduces the average to 4.3. create online store On the other hand, according to data to which we have had access, more than Special Database online stores have been created in our country in recent years, which might seem like a good number, but it is not so good since in other European countries the numbers are much higher. There is a great growth of e-commerce in our country, and yet it could be much more.

    Special Database.jpg

    Now that the new laws that regulate electronic commerce in our country have been regulated and published in the BOE, things may change, although we hope for the better, since consumers will see their rights much more guaranteed. These are some of the news and confirmations on the current situation of electronic commerce in Spain, although there are many more so we will be communicating them little by little. What we can say is that it is a sector that is growing a lot in our country, and although it still has a long way to go to reach its peak, the trend is positive.

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