Is It Profitable to Be an Android Developer

  • We often tend to think that being an Android developer is profitable only if our application goes “viral” and is downloaded by millions of copies. But it's not the only way to make money as an Android developer . It is common to think that being a developer for iOS is more profitable than for Android, but according to a recent study, it is clear that Android is a rising platform . There is a growing number of users as well as an explosion of a number of applications . It is therefore a mistake to think that it is better to be an iOS developer rather than an Android developer , although we observe a percentage increase in the number of free applications on Android.

    Need support from other developers? Find them Android takes over Apple In recent years, many free applications have proven their potential in terms of popularity Fax List and financial return. Indeed, building an app and monetizing it the right way results in high profitability for Android developers . This strategy, very well applied in Android applications, makes this platform more and more attractive to developers , even within a market dominated by iOS . As we mentioned before, Android apps are mostly free and use advertising money to grow. Obviously, being an Android developer induces a lower profit than iOS, but your application reaches a greater volume of users.


    Android logo Android logo Good publicity , key to success Let's talk about the big ones : Android , iOS or Windows Phone developers. When creating an application, its success depends heavily on a good communication strategy . As an Android or Windows Phone developer , if we want to prove that app development can be profitable, we need to invest in communication . One of the ways to ensure that our application does not end up lost in the ocean of app stores is to work on the ASO and optimize the keywords so that it is visible to the general public . At the same time , it is also very important to work on marketing and above all the "buzz" generated by social networks.

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