Copywriting How to Generate Traffic by Posting with Lists

  • A successful blog is built thanks to the combination of different elements and resources. It cannot be said that there is an exact path to follow to reach thousands of visits per month: the solution is to test different methods and adjust our strategy according to the results we see from what we have done. In the Digital Strategy blog , we apply 3 different types of structures and are now preparing to reveal each one of them. Just follow the steps we indicate and you can start to be successful with your blog posts. An essential post on any blog is informational content, also known as a List Post . Capable of applying Content Marketing , this type of posts is based on news , studies on specific topics or general information gathered through research carried out on Google Trends , Google Adwords and analysis of the 1st Results Pages of popular terms.

    The idea is that they are easy to read and that they are divided into small segments that are relevant to the user. We are talking, for example, about posts that have titles like “ Apple iPhone: The 64 best iOS apps of the year 2014 ” or “ 4 plugins for email marketing forms in WordPress ”. Basically they B2B Email List mix a bit of the Inverted Pyramid and Diamond structure . They are not posts that refer to any specific product of Beat Digital 's business , for example, but which may occasionally be used to induce the sale of Affiliate Programs . List Post Elements Title The main difference between the list structure compared to the diamond structure is in the body of the text: instead of having a direct answer to a problem, several are enumerated in the form of lists.


    A post with the title “ Apple iPhone: The 64 Best iOS Apps of the Year 2014 ” will be easier to read if it is organized by subheadings, step by step. All subheadings must be preceded by numbers. generalist message In 2 paragraphs we must present the subject of the post in a more general way, encompassing the context of the pain that torments the user. Using statistical data or current facts, we try to portray a general panorama. With the example we gave above of apps , we can remind users of the importance of Technology and the many functions that apps can perform today. MarketSamuraiBanner2 custom message Then, in just 1 or 2 paragraphs, we identify some particular problems and target specific pains by appealing directly to Persona.

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