Email marketing pitfalls and how to overcome them

  • Email marketing is one of the most common methods companies use to promote their online services. But it is not as easy as it seems as there are several challenges that they have to face. Let's see below some as well as some ways to deal with it. As you know most consumers receive their emails from their mobile devices. But many businesses do not optimize these messages to be suitable for reading, thus creating an unpleasant experience for the user. So in order for your users not to face something similar, in addition to proper optimization, you should keep your content short and sharp, with an attractive design, pre-headings and short overviews. And don't forget proper images and videos with functional links, just like you would in website building.

    As there may be several customers who are not interested in the end. A helpful tip is to remove inactive subscribers to increase your overall engagement rate. Focus on aligning your content with your audience's personality. To achieve this you can Bulk SMS Service segment your audience based on their interests and behavior and act accordingly. In addition, a drop in delivery rates is sometimes observed. More specifically, your delivery rate is the number of emails you've sent to your target audience versus the number of emails that end up in their inbox. This is because messages are sent automatically, and due to typographical errors, may not be delivered to the intended subscribers. To improve this rate it is necessary to regularly update the email list through software that deletes inactive contacts.

    Additionally give your customers the right to change their information such as email address, phone number and other additional information so it will be easy to keep your information up to date. Another difficulty is the low performance of the CTR (Click-through Rate) index. If your emails aren't getting enough clicks, it means your content needs improvement or you're failing to attract enough visitors to your website. The best solution is creative CTAs (Call to Action). These cues can be as direct, like a button that says “Buy Now,” or more indirect like “Read More” to grab the reader's interest and take the next step, whether that's a purchase or a simply reading an article. Finally, a global problem is spam complaints. It is mainly because of irrelevant content that leads to an increase in unsubscribe rates.

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