Reasons Why Your Marketing Actions Are Not Working

  • Marketing is one of the sharpest tools available to the entrepreneur today, we read in the article by Mr. Themis Sarandaena . And, of course, like any sharp tool, it must be used correctly, as, many times, the risk of "self-injury" is guarded. The history of communication, both abroad and in our country, is full of examples to avoid. It is neither one nor two marketing actions that, while seemingly having everything "by the book", failed, and sometimes miserably, to reach their goals.

    So see below 3 reasons why your marketing may not be getting the results you want. Quantity instead of quality No more Google Displays, enough! If your sneaker store hasn't won us over with the first or second display ad for your new what makes you Country Email List think that centimeter will make a difference? Or the sixth sms in a month? Or the second newsletter of the week? Mind you – we are not denying the repetition technique. After all, don't forget that these days, there is the possibility of impressively large quantity actions – for example, for a relatively reasonable price, you could make the Greek YouTube yours for a whole day.


    However on the one hand, this is a game for brands well above the level of small and medium, and on the other hand, it does not violate our basic reasoning. A qualitative communication will always have greater value for money than a quantitative one. There is no corporate identity Do you really have brand guidelines? Is your logo being used horizontally correctly? Vertically; In black and white version? Does the graphic designer experiment and put the logo with the brand symbol on his own? Does it happen that every time you do a social media campaign , you also have a new font? And speaking of logos, does your serious and successful conservatory.

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