Newspaper the template for online newspapers

  • Do you have an online newspaper A magazine-style blog If you have or intend to have one in the near future, read this post carefully because we have excellent news to tell you. Newspaper template is an ideal choice for your WordPress blog/site . Launched in September 2013, it has already had more than 6 thousand sales and all users who have used it since then are very satisfied with the success registered. But what is this Newspaper template ? We now explain in detail why you should invest in this topic.

    Blogs with a Job Function Email Database more newsworthy character which aim to make the latest news circulating around the world reach the public, have special characteristics. The layout must be easy to navigate and extremely intuitive. The user has to find what he wants quickly. What happens if you don't find it? Go look on the competitor site. BUY the fantastic Newspaper template and turn your WordPress page into a true journalistic publication! Capture The Newspaper template – whose direct translation is “newspaper” – allows for quick writing and publication of new posts.


    In addition to text it allows you to publish YouTube videos and includes a ratings system so you can review movies, concerts, books and much more. Subscribe to ENVATO MARKET for free to receive template files, sounds, videos, effects, images and much more, EVERY MONTH in your email box. It's free and well worth it! Let's explain better the features of the Newspaper Template: – The Newspaper includes a series of shortcodes so that you can customize your website without having to worry about difficult programming codes; – The Newspaper includes 5 ready-to -use layout templates , if you prefer not to mess with the template definitions; – Lightboxes – this feature facilitates user navigation.

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