Google will pay 306 million in tax fraud to Italy

  • Google ended up complying with the regulations imposed by Italy. Recently the internet giant had to pay an exorbitant sum of 306 million euros to Italy. To settle disputes relating to profits made in Italy but declared in Ireland. When Italian justice attacks The search engine Google received a punishment from the Italian tax authorities because of a tax violation. Rossella Orlandi , the director of the transalpine tax office, loudly proclaimed the application of the law on taxation in Italy. Italy is considered “the most active European country against tax evasion by web giants”. According to the announcement made by the Italian tax authorities, a device for the agreement concerning a "route to establish preventive agreements on the correct taxation in Italy.

    In the future of activities attributable to our country is to be expected. This decision affects different companies regarding the application of the tax law in Italy. Between 2009 and 2013, Google had made a significant gain on Italian soil. But he was doing Country Email List the right thing by not declaring these profits in Italy. He therefore chose Ireland, where corporate taxation is lower. Or 12.5% ​​on profits against more than double, 27.5%, in Italy. The Irish territory is proving to be a model of tax preference, hence its other nickname of “tax haven” – This error cost Alphabet, the parent company of Google, more than 300 million euros. This sum relates to a tax debt of 200 million euros as well as “litigation dating back to the period 2002-2006 and interest”.

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    The other internet giants targeted by the Italian tax authorities The line of sight of Italy is spread over a large area because Google is not the only one affected by this correction. Google isn't the only one breaking tax law. Because in December 2015, Apple paid more than 300 million euros to Italy after a tax evasion investigation. This sum is therefore established to settle all the tax offenses committed by Apple in Italy. After Apple comes the turn of the firm Amazon, which is suspected "of concealing 130 million euros in revenue in five years from Italy". The Italian authority is severe on the plan of tax evasion. Any irregularity is always sanctioned after a thorough investigation and in the presence of tangible proof.

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