Learn right now how to put a link in Instagram Stories

  • With more than 500 million users on this feature alone Stories is now one of the main tools for brands with a presence on Instagram. And links are part of the features that make this tool so powerful for Marketing. If you want to learn how to put links in Stories, know if you can do it and how to take advantage of this strategy, keep reading ! Why use Stories in a Digital Marketing strategy? Before we teach you how to link to Instagram Stories, how about.

    We talk a little about how and why to use this tool in your Digital Marketing strategy The first and main reason to put links on Instagram Stories is to drive traffic from the social network to your Content Marketing or sales conversion channels. Stories, in addition to being a powerful tool for Branding and Consumer Email List creating a personal connection with your brand's followers, is also an excellent resource to arouse people's interest , whether in a product, text or other type of content. With links in Stories, you get a simple way to generate leads and direct the audience to some conversion point or part of your Content Marketing strategy.

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    It's so easy that the follower just needs to literally drag their finger across the screen to access There are several opportunities to put links in Stories and gain traffic. For example: direct the audience to videos that show your product; link to a new article on your blog; lead followers to content that helps answer questions; direct the audience to a guest post campaign with a partner. In addition, with the ability to make paid ads in Stories with links, you can reach a huge target audience base to boost your strategy and achieve better results.

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