3 tips to get more leads on the internet

  • Getting more leads on the internet is what we are looking for as a web marketer. Sometimes the question is not to generate more leads, but simply to have them. How many professionals have websites, use social networks and try SEO without generating the slightest lead? This post offers you 3 tactics to instantly get better results in obtaining leads. Use landing pages, the baba to get more leads on the internet As simple as it may seem, the use of landing pages is a real success factor in the path that leads to the conversion of your visitors into qualified contacts. What is a landing page and how does it work? A landing page is a page whose sole purpose is to get more leads on the internet.

    It contains a value proposition and a form. The visitor completes the form in exchange for obtaining this value. Yes forms work, but they come at a price (we'll go into that in more detail in the next paragraph). There are different landing page templates Country Email List see that they have some commonalities: Removal of the navigation menu (not essential but recommended) A clear headline that inspires action A synthetically presented value offer An illustration of the benefit for “visual” visitors A form that will be more or less long depending on the value offer (how much information is the visitor willing to exchange for your offer?) Elements to reassure such as customer testimonials The concern to arrange the important elements above the waterline.

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    The landing page is the light at the end of the conversion tunnel. To achieve this a number of steps must be followed: It's a "Call To Action" (a call to action like the one inviting you to download the 5 landing page templates ) that redirects your visitors to a "landing page" The actual landing page is where your visitor exchanges information with you The thank you page. It is important to validate the process, but also to allow you to more easily analyze the conversion objectives. Steps to get more leads from a landing page Too many websites don't use landing pages or not enough of them. According to a study by Hubspot , a website that has 30 landing pages converts 7 times more than a site that only has 5. When you think that many sites don't have 5, it's puzzling.

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