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  • Beyond illuminating the blind spot organizations often have when it comes to frontline or deskless worker technology, it is also important to consider the benefits your company offers. All employees might receive the same overarching benefits package (health care, retirement, etc), but typically, all employees don’t receive the same daily benefits. As a generation that expects more of their employer, the occasional addition of free donuts just won’t cut it. A vast difference in work conditions make it almost impossible to mimic the daily benefits offered to deskbound workers. Instead, consider creating a separate perk plan for frontline teams to level. Growing with the Gen Z flow Continued learning might not have been a priority for previous generations, but the majority of Gen Z employees believe that learning and growth is the key to a successful career. Offering additional learning both inside and outside of your organization is mutually beneficial for you and your employees.

    They can expand their knowledge and hone their skills serving them in their current role and beyond meanwhile your workforce is filled with educated, motivated and skilled people. It’s a win, win. Courses created by your company need [url=]special data[/url]
    to deliver a modern learning experience–Gen Z is a tech-forward generation after all. With more than 1 in 3 already agreeing that internal communications aren’t engaging, mandatory training and additional learning opportunities don’t have to fall into that sad statistic. Ed App by Safety Culture allows you to offer the cutting-edge experience Gen Z expects, without all the effort. A library of editable courses on a variety of topics make it easy to set up and deploy bite-sized mobile courses that your employees will actually enjoy. Gamification and real rewards can be built into learnings to keep team members engaged and excited.


    Courses are accessible offline making them perfect for deskless workers. A generation focused on continuous growth and improvement expects the organizations they work for to share that same focus. Ensuring your business doesn’t become stagnant and eventually obsolete as Gen Z continues to flood the workforce begins with changing your mindset from “this is how we do things” to “why do we do it this way” and “how could we make this better.” It’s no secret that change can be hard at times, but the change Gen Z is bringing is beneficial across your entire organization. Grow into the future with an operations platform that keeps continuous improvement at. feel that they’re safe on the job, it’s nearly impossible for them to focus on anything else. Safety is the backbone of organizational success so it’s time to revisit and live by the basics safety first.

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