Real vs Dollar appreciation of the Real

  • The market is less bullish this week. The dollar lost strength against the real. Part of the explanation for this phenomenon is due to skepticism with the stimulus package announced by president-elect joe biden. In a meeting with representatives of us unions, biden announced that the us will need stimuli in 2021, therefore, he anticipated that his economic plan will create three million jobs and that it will raise the minimum wage to us$ 15 per hour (the most used metric in the us and other parts of the world).

    And we cannot forget that, despite a shy recognition of biden's victory by current president donald trump, the transition of power has not yet advanced, given trump's constant questioning Kenya Phone Number List about the election results. Finally, we cannot forget that china has advanced and led the creation of the largest trade pact in the world. Despite its limited scope, the agreement, called the regional comprehensive economic partnership (rcep) involves, in addition to china, 14 other countries in asia and the pacific.

    The relevance of this agreement lies in being a counterpoint to the trans-pacific agreement (tpp), led by former president barack obama and abandoned by current president donald trump and, little by little, consolidates china's power as an economic power. Worldwide. in the midst of this scenario, the american currency opened on monday (16), quoted at r$ 5.4148. on the other hand, this thursday (19), the american currency opened the trading session quoted at r$ 5.3805. with that, we saw an appreciation of the real of approximately 0.64% throughout this week. Check out keeping an eye on the exchange the real vs pound sterling and real vs euro ratio .

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