The cult of happiness a guide to Croatia

  • Croatia is a good-natured country, a mixture of Greece and Italy, as if it does not have its own authentic features, but that is until you let it tell its legends, which are full here. In this material, we will not just ride around Croatia, but we will try to understand its spirit, cultural code and hear its heartbeat. Requirements for entering Croatia in 2022 No anti-COVID documents are required for the trip, except that it is worth getting insurance and checking that a case of COVID-19 is included. Almost all covid restrictions in the country have been lifted.

    Masks remain mandatory only in medical and some social institutions. To enter, you will need a Schengen visa, a multi-visa for Bulgaria, Romania or Egypt Phone Number List Cyprus (but not a pro-visa!) or a Croatian national visa (applications for new visas are accepted). How to get there You can get to Zagreb with Turkish Airlines, the minimum travel time is 7 hours 50 minutes with an hour and a half transfer in Turkey (Istanbul), there are also options with connections in Serbia and the UAE. Another option is to get to Serbia, and from there drive a rented car.

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    So from Belgrade Serbia to Zagreb Croatia can be reached in 4-6 hours. To enter the country, you will need a Croatian visa or a Schengen visa. It is best to take euros with you, which are accepted almost everywhere. However, it would be quite reasonable to exchange euros for kunas upon arrival, since in some hotels and other places a commission of 1.5-3% of the amount is charged when exchanging currency. From the interesting: from January 1, 2023, Croatia will switch to the euro, so if you are planning a trip next year, you will not have to change the currency additionally.

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