How to Set Up Advertising in Yandex Zen and How Much Does It Cost

  • Before answering the questions, let's deal with the principle of advertising on the platform and the structure of auctions, where advertisers place bids. The auction algorithm is as follows: The advertiser determines the cost for reading a blog article, watching a video, clicking on a hyperlink, showing an advertisement. A visitor to the platform flips through Zen and sees an ad. But the service issues ads with higher rates. However, this does not mean that advertising with a low auction rate will go unnoticed. It's just that these ads have fewer impressions. The platform keeps track of user preferences. If the audience likes the article, then the publication will be scrolled at a favorable rate. The cost of advertising depends on the product. Everything is individual, as different models and formats are used. Therefore, any creative idea must be tested.

    The price of the bet will be adjusted depending on the situation. Gives its recommendations on the cost of advertising on articles (prices are given in Russian rubles): For one reading - from 3 rubles. A low bid will let you see if your ad is performing. For 1000 impressions - from 80 rubles. In test mode, the rate can be raised up to 100 rubles. For one click on Cambodia Phone Number List the link - from 10 rubles. For the test mode, the rate is increased to 30 rubles. For one inspection - fromrubles. For the test, the rate is set at 1 rub. But you don't have to manually set up bids. This process can be entrusted to algorithms that will do everything for you automatically. It is enough to set a daily limit. The algorithm will choose a favorable rate. Setting up advertising in in five steps Registration Of An Advertising Account And ID To launch an advertising campaign, you must have an advertising account and Yandex ID.

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    As soon as you create your blog channel, you will automatically have such an account. Campaign Creation In the sidebar, find Ad Campaigns. Be sure to fill in the information about your channel, otherwise you will not run ads. Complete a short educational program of five lessons on launching ads on the platform. If after the course he answers all the questions correctly, then reduce the minimum budget from 75,000 to 25,000 rubles. Then click on the "Create Campaign" button. Setting Up An Advertising Campaign In the settings, set the "name" of the campaign and select the ad format. If you have chosen an article, specify the "Reach" payment model, set the time of the campaign number of days. You also need to specify the CPM and set limits: the maximum number of impressions and the budget.

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